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Prevention of environmental solid tire wear methods

Author:Jinma Rubber    Time:2013/12/20 13:32:07   Belong:Professional knowledge   Views:

  We know that the impact of road conditions on tire life is also great, it affects the friction between the tires and tire conditions and subjected to dynamic loads . Xiaobian to share environmental solid tire wear prevention methods .

  First, under certain load and tire pressure, vehicle speed increases, the frequency of the deformation of the tire, the carcass distortion and lateral vibrations and the tire circumferential deformation ( formation of stationary waves ) increases per unit time and the heat generated by internal friction increases , decreased performance of the tire , and even rupture of the tread ply peeling , accelerated wear and damage of the tire .

  Second, due to the different load distribution front and rear axles , wheels and steering wheel different work characteristics and differences in road conditions , the wear condition of the tires is inconsistent, if not replaced with the same on both sides of the axle plant, the same size , structure, hierarchy and tire tread , tire wear will accelerate.

  Third, when the tire being fat , when acid is corrosive and prolonged effects , physical and chemical properties of the tire will change greatly reduce the carrying capacity , but also easy to use in a puncture . In addition, the tire by the oil seal etched appears massive gas layer peeling , mouth appear small area of ​​rubber tire off , and the carcass cords and rubber from other phenomena . Since the oil patch and rubber pro and can not , therefore , even wound tire damage is very small, and have lost the possibility of repair .

  Fourth, under certain tire pressure, tire deflection is increased to overload stress cord and the cord is increased, resulting in the sidewall portion cord easily break loose and ply delamination force of the carcass cord will exceed the design pressure of the tire contact stresses and allow the heat generated increases, the temperature rise of the carcass , carrying ability. While in contact with the ground due to generation of the shoulder wear, especially in the obstacle , even if a small stone will cause bursting of the crown . Practice has proved that , in turn and in the case of rough roads when the tire load exceeds 20% , it will shorten the mileage of 35% ; more than 50% , 59% shortening ; than 1 times , the reduction of over 80 %.

  These are solid tire wear on the prevention of environmental protection methods described , hoping reference value.

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